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As the oldest scientific Implantological Expert Association in Europe (founded in 1970), the GERMAN ASSOCIATION OF DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY (DGZI) has not only attended the developments of Oral Implantology but also established and created significant benchmarks. Some examples are curriculum development programs, internships, supervisions, the Annual international conferences, courses for surgery, Expert and specialist examinations, promotion and support of national and international research projects by the scientific DGZI advisory board as well as the presentation of the DGZI Implant Dentistry Award.The  DGZI  Postgraduate  Education  Curriculum,  is  a  one  year  program  in  cooperation  with different universities and conducted now in English outside Germany in different countries. The participants will get a certificate of the German Board In Dental Implantology after suc- cessful examination and this education is a prerequisite e.g. for a master degree. At the begin- ning of the 1990s, DGZI began to administer an examination for highly qualified colleagues to prove  their  knowledge  and  skills.  There  are  some  400  specialists  in  Dental  Implantology throughout Germany and abroad. They have many years of experience in Implantology, have placed a large number of implants and, after undergoing comprehensive further education, they have passed the quality examination “Implantology specialist – DGZI”.

DGZI is a non- profit organization and under its statutes, committed to quality assurance of conti- nued / postgraduate education of dentists and practice teams in the field of implant dentistry. The  specialized  association  is  established  in  1970  and  thus  the  oldest  scientific  implantological association in Europe, working together with leading lecturers in the field of science and practice. More than 4,000 members are already making use of the broadly based postgraduate education program and the numerous sources of information of DGZI. Another important function of DGZI is the independent and impartial information of the public about the possibilities of modern implant dentistry. In its more than 46 year history, DGZI has set standard in practice oriented continued / postgraduate  education  and  quality  assurance  in  Implantology,  especially  for  the  beginners  in Implant dentistry. Attractive features have been developed in the past few years, the new Implantology Curriculum as comprehensive postgraduate education and the certification as “ Oral Implantology Specialist – DGZI “ have to be mentioned in this context as well as the strong international orientation or the “ open house “ day with gratuitous advice to colleagues by DGZI specialists. DGZI members receive the certificate "Implantology specialist - DGZI" upon successful completion of the examination. A successful examination entitles the examinee to bear the quali- fied  designation  "Implantology  Specialist  –DGZI”  upon  fulfillment  of  certain  conditions.  The  post graduate  education  offered  can  been  completed  by  the  degree  of  “  Master  of  Science  Implanto- logy”  ,  all  these  initiatives  of  the  association  executive  board  have  lead  to  a  marked  increase  in membership in the past years.


DGZI Awards


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