Scientific president



Prof. Dr. Rolf Vollmer, PhD (Germany)
1st.Vicepresident & Treasurer DGZI
Expert Implantology – DGZI
Specialist Implantology – DGZI
Visiting Professor Cairo University, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine


1952 born in Freudenberg / Kreis Siegen
1972-1977 dental education (University of Bonn)
1977 degree of dentist and doctorate Dr. med. dent.1978 Own dental center in Wissen/Sieg and start with implant dentistry
1993 forming the Study Group Implantology Nordrhein (1st Study group in Germany)
Specialist examination DGZI
Certification „ Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie Konsensuskonferenz“
(Expert in Implantology)Since 2001 Training license for dental implants issued by Konsensuskonferenz Implantologie / Germany
Lectures on implantology and conduct courses world wide
Since 1999 honorary member of the DGZI
Vice-President & Treasurer DGZI (German association of dental implantology)
Member DGZI Spezialist and Expert examination committee
Different inventions in the field of dentistry and oral Implantology
Since 2004 Member Editorial Board of The International Magazine “Implants”
Since 2005 Senior lecturer German Board of Oral Implantology (GBOI)
Author of different Implantology textbooks (e.g. Glossary of dental implantology, Oral implantology Guide Book)
2007 Senior lecturer Danube University Krems
German Board Examination Committee Member
2008 Visiting Professor Cairo University, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine





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